Friday, January 4, 2019

Chapter 3 Social Studies Study Guide

Social Studies Study Guide      Chapter 3* Test Date: January 11, 2019
*Vocabulary To Know:
Public Service-doing work for the good of the community
County- part of a state
Volunteer- to choose to work without being paid
Recreation- any hobby, activity, or sport done for enjoyment after working
Property tax- money paid to the government by people who own land and buildings in the community
*Facts To Know:
Public property is property that belongs to everyone in the community.
The mayor, judges, and other members of the city or town government are usually elected by citizens of the community.
Jane Addams started a community center called “Hull-House.”
The extra money that people pay when they buy something is sales tax.
Laws for a county are made in the county seat.
Government leaders can appoint people to certain jobs because citizens have given them the authority to do so.
*”Resolve Conflict” Writing Section: A conflict is a disagreement. Imagine two classmates in a conflict- each wants to be in charge of turning the computers on and off. What will happen if…they walk away? Smile about it? Compromise? Ask for help?
*Write a paragraph telling about services community governments provide: what are they, and why are they important?

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